Meet Christine

I believe that fundamentally humans can experience an exceptional quality of life filled with happiness, creativity, and fulfilment.

Collectively working toward creating positive social change at large, self-awareness, self-actualization and consciousness expansion is what this life of mine is all about.

I aspire to high-level coaching that is focused on helping you achieve your full potential through an eclectic combination of therapeutic methods and disciplines including tolerance, a basic optimism about human nature, honest interpersonal communication, mindfulness and shifting limiting beliefs. I also encourage a spirit of openness to experiences such as meditation, movement, breathing techniques and so on.

Join me on this journey of unleashing your full potential and uncovering all the wealth that has always been present within you and around you.


Don’t you know it yet? It is your light that lights the world.
– Rumi

What exactly is a life coach?

Designing and achieving a compelling vision for your life is the primary goal of a life coach. Overcoming obstacles and making positive and lasting change is in intrinsic part of this process.  Life coaching with me is based on the principles of self-empowerment, freedom, and self-actualization. I honor you as the expert of your life and wish to help you connect with your creativity, resourcefulness, and wholeness.

Standing on this foundation, my responsibility to you is:

Discover, clarify, and align with your vision and goals
Encourage self-discovery and self-awareness
Elicit individual-based solutions and strategies
Hold you accountable for your outcomes

What’s the difference between therapy and coaching?

Why wait when the timing is so perfect?

Imagine coming home to your greatest self

Through my training, I have designed an innovative and personable approach synthesized in a unique therapeutic method.
I will gently guide you and help you investigate your limiting beliefs.

Peace of Mind Parenting Coach Training

the Jai Institute for Parenting)

Classical Homeopathy Training

École des Hautes Études en Homéopathie Uniciste
(Formation de 2 ans)

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

(Janice Clarfied)

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