Jim Rohn on The Seasons of Your Life; 4 Lessons for a Successful Life

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Jim Rohn, one of America’s most loved motivational speakers and Tony Robbins first and greatest mentor, taught us many things in his amazing 79 years of life. One of my personal favourites was captured is his talk Learn These Skills or Live a Mediocre Life in which he compares life to the 4 seasons.

In his talk, Rohn outlines the 4 lessons to a better life, all interlaced with the fundamental teaching  “The MAJOR key to your better future is YOU!”. Rohn strongly believed that “if you want things to change for you, you’ve got to change”; that “the only way it gets better for you, is when YOU get better”.

Rohn compares business to the changing seasons, an analogy truly accurate as it represents the unchangeable, exterior circumstances and how we respond to them. “You cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself”. Rohn delivers the following 4 lessons using the 4 seasons as his platform; Winter represents hard times, Spring is for opportunities, Summer is the time to take good care, while Fall is about outcomes.

Here are the 4 major lessons he shares with us:

1) Learn how to handle the winters. They come right after fall with regularity.

Learn how to handle the nights, they come after the days. Learn how to handle the difficulties, they come right after opportunities. Recessions always follow progressions. Disappointments come, that’s normal. These things aren’t going to change. You must learn how to handle it. You’ve got to get strong, you’ve got to get better. You can’t change the calendar so you’ve got to learn how to get better.

2) Learn how to take advantage of the springs.

Spring is called opportunity. And it will always come. But the Springs go very quickly so you must learn to take advantage of them while they’re here. They’re are also only a few springs in one’s lifetime so you’ve got to read lots of books on how to take full advantage of them when they come. You’ve got to get good at one of two things in life; planting in the spring or begging in the fall. Don’t let the good moments pass you by while you focus on how difficult life is. Make sure that you’re ready so that when opportunity knocks, you know how to answer. Don’t let spring pass you by.

3) Learn how to protect your crops every summer.

You’ve got to take care of what you’ve started. Don’t let the weeds take it away from you. You must prevent the intruder from taking all the good. All good will be attacked, every garden will be invaded and not to think so is naive. All values must be defended; political, social, friendship, business, all of them. Every garden must be tended all summer long.

4) Learn to reap come harvest time without complaint.

Take full ownership for what happens to you. It’s one of the highest forms of human maturity; excepting full responsibility. That’s how you know you’ve past from childhood to adulthood. Learn to reap without apology if you do well, and without complaint if you don’t. Stop making the long list of reasons why you are not doing well. Stop blaming the government, taxes, the weather, the traffic, your children, company policy, negative relatives, the economy, etc. The only one that needs to be on that list is yourself. Tear up your list, get a fresh piece of paper and put yourself on it. Take full ownership for your successes and failures.




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