One on One coaching sessions

Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs and stressful thoughts.
Shift your thoughts from victim to creator.

Learn how to:

  • learn from your mistakes and stop beating yourself up (attend and befriend),
  • identify and transform your limiting beliefs,
  • turn expectations into appreciation,
  • cultivate patience, tolerance, and respect particularly toward yourself,
  • quiet the monkey mind,
  • identify your trigger points and recognize them before they occur,
  • break limiting patterns and conditioned behaviors,
  • obliterate self-sabotaging behaviors,
  • choose forgiveness, freedom and inner peace over being right,
  • create and accomplish a compelling vision for your life,
  • connect with your truth force, your love force, your soul force and conjure the truth and best in others,
  • shift your attention to and expect from others the best version of themselves.

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In person or via Skype

Connect with your true force and conjure the best in yourself and others.

One on One Package:

• 12 sessions each lasting 1h30
• unlimited email support*
• unlimited telephone access via my cell phone*
• unlimited access to member’s only pages

Special offer** Can$1,080.00
Regular price Can$1,440.00

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If a crisis hits, just email or call me and I will get back to you within 12 hours.
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